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Give the world a shot | Vaccinaid

The pandemic hit the UK hard. With vaccines rolling out, we’re beginning to win the fight against COVID-19.

We can’t stop there. Now the rest of the world needs our help. In places like India, where cases have risen dramatically, hospitals are overwhelmed and oxygen supplies are running out. And when one country is at risk, we’re all at risk.

Play your part and help UNICEF deliver 2 billion vaccines, as well as millions of treatments around the world this year. Because we’ll only ever be safe, if we’re all safe.

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AJ Murtagh 17th June 2021

Grateful for my family's safety want others to have that feeling.

Madi Hewitson

Madi Hewitson 17th June 2021

Everyone deserves access to health care. No matter where you are or who you are.


Heather Fisken 17th June 2021

Hope it helps


Vere MacKenzie 17th June 2021

All of us need to be vaccinated to get Covid under control. We cannot afford to risk giving the virus billions of chances to mutate & evolve to more infectious & potentially more deadly forms. I am fortunate to receive the UK’s rapid and free vaccinations and would like to help others less fortunate. Thank you Crowdfunder & UNICEF!


Thelma Milne 17th June 2021

Just to help the less fortunate


Leslie Church 17th June 2021

Let’s get shot of COVID


Lynne Fillo Pastry 17th June 2021

Good to pass on , this is because my daughter-in-law in Spain will now receive hers. Trying to pass on each time each one of my family receives a dose.


Chris Watt 17th June 2021

We're so lucky with the NHS - The sooner we're all vacinnated the sooner we can live with this.


Annie Debyshire 17th June 2021

Everyone needs a chance


Pete English 17th June 2021

Supporting this because I am privileged to have the NHS and have my jabs and I want others to have theirs.


Ellie Lewis 17th June 2021

good work - lets all get vaccinated


Yvonne Carter 17th June 2021

Vital work

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Help #GiveTheWorldAShot

Donations made to UNICEF’s VaccinAid appeal will go towards UNICEF’s work to purchase and deliver Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatment to bring an end to the pandemic. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will go towards the Children’s Emergency Fund.