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Give the world a shot | Vaccinaid

The pandemic hit the UK hard. With vaccines rolling out, we’re beginning to win the fight against COVID-19.

We can’t stop there. Now the rest of the world needs our help. In places like India, where cases have risen dramatically, hospitals are overwhelmed and oxygen supplies are running out. And when one country is at risk, we’re all at risk.

Play your part and help UNICEF deliver 2 billion vaccines, as well as millions of treatments around the world this year. Because we’ll only ever be safe, if we’re all safe.

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Michael E. Wiener 11th May 2021

I was vaccinated against Covid-19 and wish others who can't afford it to received the same protection.


Bryony Chislett-Williams 11th May 2021

Have a vaccine give a vaccine


Dr Charles Kolb 10th May 2021

Brilliant, everyone who can should support this.


George Davis 10th May 2021

Great idea, everyone should get involved.


David 10th May 2021

Donation can go some little way towards creating a more unified and equal approach to the vaccination program. Happy Birthday Mam. 💕


Clare Springett 10th May 2021

My Mum wanted a donation to charity instead of a birthday present. This felt like a good one to support at the moment.


Sarah Willis 10th May 2021

To help you do this amazing thing.


Catherine Ann Hughes 10th May 2021

Brilliant initiative


Line Lundsberg 10th May 2021

Thanks for making the vaccination possible


H Cheong 10th May 2021

Wishing for the people around the world to live normal lives again and to reconnect with friends and family.


Elfride Cable 10th May 2021

Very grateful and lucky to have received the vaccination myself and am so pleased to have the opportunity to support others across the globe to have this benefit.


Elizabeth Thompson 10th May 2021

I've had my vaccine so I believe everyone should have the same opportunity

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Donations made to UNICEF’s VaccinAid appeal will go towards UNICEF’s work to purchase and deliver Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatment to bring an end to the pandemic. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will go towards the Children’s Emergency Fund.